Acceptable of Usage

Terms of services

Terms of Service

Acceptable of Usage

All of our customers must have obey and considered understood of the provisions. Any kind of our services (Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Names, Website Development are restricted to any normal usage. You are not allowed to do any actions that forbidden by the law in Republic of Indonesia.

The following represents a partial listing of activities that are prohibited when using the Service, any one of which has the potential to result in account or service suspension or closure without prior or further notice. Without limitation and in no particular order, the Service may NOT be used to host, display, post, propagate, upload, download, transmit, transfer, disseminate, distribute, reproduce, sell, link to nor facilitate access to do related with :

  1. Sending Malware, Email Spam, Mass email
  2. Hacking, Cracking, DDoS Attack etc.
  3. Sniffing, Phising any information data
  4. Pornography, Children Sexual Abuse, Hate Speech, Violation (Verbal / Non Verbal)
  5. Any kind of Fraud attempt
  6. Illegal Bot / Cron Job action
  7. Farming bitcoin, bitorrenting, pirated software website or illegal or unlicensed software
  8. Contains private or confidential information, including, but not limited to, your or any other person’s or party’s credit card information, national identity number, non-public telephone number, address or email address

Disk Usage and Bandwith
We always make our customers comfort so they dont have to worry about bandwith usage. We provide bandwith twenty times bigger than disk spcae capacity for each Shared hosting. You must know and agree that we have limitation for inode limit as much as 100,000 (One hundreed thousand) files for each Shared Hosting cPanel account and 1,000,000 (One million) files for each VPS Cloud account. Limitation are needed to keep our machines reliable. Overload usage or capacity will damage machines.

Back Up & Security
Even We schedule auto back up for all our customers daily, we recommend you to make your own back up. We try to do the best to secure our network and server as part of our services, but customers are must have strong security to secure their website.